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Baby Bath Toy - Natural Rubber, Shark

Art.nr: 1313025266
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Made of BPA-free natural rubber, the bath animal for babies - little shark - provides a relaxed and at the same time playful occupation for the baby in the bath and shower.


Color: grey
material: Natural Rubber
product type: Toy
sample: shark
instructions for use: Do not sterilize with steam or boil. Do not sterilize in the microwave.Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources. Not suitable for use in chlorinated water (swimming pools)
recommended age: from 4 months
safety warnings: Caution! This product is made using natural rubber latex, which may cause allergies.
Length (cm): 12.28
Width (cm): 7.5
Height (cm): 6.94
total weight (kg): 0.05